Obubu - Sencha of the Gushing Brook: Review

 Obubu's Gushing Brook Sencha


This asamushi sencha from Obubu boasts a round and vibrant spring taste, with gentle bitterness and astringency providing structure to a refreshing, somewhat fruity body.

Saemidori is an incredibly popular early-budding cultivar, derived from a cross between the ubiquitous Yabukita and the umami-rich Asatsuyu, and is known for its excellent taste and aroma, along with the vibrant green hue for which it is named.


Harvest Date: May 2021

Wazuka, Kyoto

Shading: Rouji - unshaded

Cultivar: Saemidori

Steaming: Asamushi

Producer: Obubu

First Impressions

Unshaded senchas are rather atypical in Kyoto prefecture, where shaded teas such as gyokuro and matcha dominate. As such, the leaves lack the deep vibrant green you’d typically expect from shaded senchas, and instead have a natural soft green hue. The liquor also lacked the green that is commonly associated with saemidori, tending towards a crisp pale yellow. The leaves and the brewed tea both have quite a vegetal aroma, with notes of steamed vegetables.

Brewing Parameters

3g/100ml | 60s | 80°C

Taste and Texture

Texturally, there is just enough astringency to provide structure and sharpness, without affecting the overall silky mouthfeel and smooth finish. The taste is very balanced, with a round body and a hint of nuttiness.

Further Infusions

2nd infusion, 80°C 30s 

This time the liquor is a darker yellow, with a lively herbaceous aroma. The texture retains its smoothness, though the bitterness and astringency are slightly stronger in the finish, providing a pleasant tingly sensation. The flavour remained very mellow and balanced.

Final Remarks

It's a shame that unshaded senchas aren't as popular as their shaded counterparts in the tea growing regions of Kyoto. The lack of shading gives the tea a more transparent taste that truly reflects the richness of the Wazuka terroir. 

If you like the clean tastes of asamushi sencha, or are enjoy the shaded teas of Kyoto and want to try something different from the region, then we definitely suggest giving a tea like this a try. 

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