Susumuya - Saemidori Sencha 2019: Review

This sencha from Susumuya has been our go to fukamushi throughout the year, offering a punchy taste with some interesting top notes.


Harvest Date: Spring 2019
Growing Region: Makurazaki, Kagoshima
Cultivar: Saemidori
Steaming: Fukamushi

Susumuya Saemidori Sencha 2019

As a hybrid produced from Asatsuyu and Yabukita, the Saemidori cultivar falls somewhere in between the perfect balance of Yabukita, and the gyokuro-esque umami of Asatsuyu.

First Impressions

The leaves are a satin forest green, non-uniform mix of a few long and medium-length thin needles and smaller crumble. Putting the dry leaves into a preheated kyusu released the full power of the bright, grassy, and oceanic aroma, with slight citrus, grapefruit/pomelo notes.

Brewing Parameters

4g/100ml | 60s | 70-80°C

We brewed this to Susumuya’s recommendations. Normally we find that shorter brews work better for fukamushi senchas which generally infuse very quickly, but this tea didn’t get too astringent.


Typical, almost prototypical fukamushi taste: round, vegetal body with a few sweet tropical fruit and citrus top notes, strong vegetal umami and sweetness, thick and heavy with tiny touch of astringency.
Saemidori Sencha 2019 - Taste Profile

Further Infusions

2nd: 0s*, 80°C |3rd: 60s, 80°C

*as short as possible. 

Second steeping has less sweetness and top notes, with the vegetal umami being at the forefront. Compared to the first infusion, there was mild astringency, and a touch of bitterness.

Brewing Saemidori Sencha 2019

Final Remarks

For us, this tea captures the essence of fukamushi senchas from Kagoshima, packing a punchy vegetal umami balanced with some marine and citrus notes. It's a perfect introduction to Kagoshima teas or fukamushi senchas in general.

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