Japanese Chasen - 久保左文 Kubo Sabun of Chikumeido - Shirotake White Bamboo 80-prong Matcha Whisk

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This Japanese 80-prong (八十本立) chasen (茶筅 - matcha whisk) was made from shirotake white bamboo in Takayama, Nara by Kubo Sabun (久保左文) of Chikumeido (竹茗堂).

Kubo Sabun is a 24th generation chasen maker and one of the handful of chasen masters left in Takayama (高山), the most prized centre of chasen production. Entirely handmade, each chasen requires immense time and skill to craft. Compared to Chinese chasen, Japanese chasen are noticieably lighter, with thinner, more flexible tines, which makes them easier and more enjoyable to use, and more durable and less likely to break.


10.8cm (4.3in) - width
5.9cm (2.3in) - height

Condition: Brand new

This vintage item ships from Thailand

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