Japanese Shiboridashi - 玉光 Gyokko Kiln - Black Kokudei Tokoname-yaki Teapot - 40ml

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This exquisitely crafted Tokoname-yaki shiboridashi (handleless teapot) is made from Tokoname kokudei (黒泥) clay, which has the same properties as the iconic red shudei (朱泥) but is fired in reduction producing a deep black.

This piece was made by the highly-respected Gyokko (玉光) Kiln, manned by the master potters of the Umehara family. As these are handmade pieces, there may be slight variations in the shape and colouration.

In Japanese, 絞り出し急須 (shiboridashi kyuusu) roughly translates to ""squeeze-pour teapot"", as the design of the teapot allows you to squeeze every last drop of the liquor from the leaves. Similar in construction to a chinese gaiwan, shiboridashi are the simplest type of Japanese teapot, consisting of only a spouted bowl and a lid. Despite this simplicity, shiboridashi are very difficult to make well. Unlike kyusu and houhin, shiboridashi have no filter, instead using the narrow gap between the lid and the body to separate the liquor from the leaves. Additionally, most shiboridashi also have fine grooves carved into the bowl at the spout which helps keep the leaves from being poured out. On most shiboridashi, the lid rests on a lip just like with kyusu and houhin. This means that the gap at the spout remains at a fixed size. However, many high-end, handmade shiboridashi such as this one have no such lip, allowing this gap to be adjusted.

Tokoname-yaki (常滑焼) is a type of Japanese pottery that traditionally comes from Tokoname in Aichi Prefecture, Japan. The site of one of Japan’s Six Ancient Kilns, pottery has been made in Tokoname since the 12th century.

Today, Tokoname ware is known for its iconic brick-red clay called shudei. Famously used in teaware and bonsai pots, this clay’s vibrant colour comes from its rich iron content. Tea steeped in unglazed Tokoname teapots is said to have a mellower taste.


10.5cm (4.1in) - width
6.0cm (2.4in) - height
40ml - capacity

Condition: Brand new

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