Umezuki - Uji Okumidori Matcha

Umezuki - Uji Okumidori Matcha

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An energising Okumidori matcha from Uji, Umezuki is shaded in the traditional shelf-style for 30 days, giving it a bright and classic flavour ideal as usucha or for use in drinks and lattes. Uji has long been at the centre of Japanese tea and has been famed for its high-quality matcha production for centuries.

Taste Profile
Production Region

Brewing Instructions

Tea/Water Ratio

1.5-2g (2 tea scoops)
70ml (2.4oz) of water

Water Temperature

70º C (158ºF)


20 seconds

Meet the Producer

Yoshida Meichaen (吉田銘茶園)

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