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We're working with small, artisanal Japanese tea producers and potters who are passionate about their craft, and are working towards a goal—whether it's to preserve traditions, to push the boundaries, or to create a more sustainable future for the industry.

We want to support their efforts by sharing their products with the world.

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We offer wholesale via email and invoice (we have one customer facing website, not 'wholesale accounts').

Ordering tea:

Tea is sold wholesale by kilogram, and we can provide it packaged for retail too. For example, if you wanted 1kg matcha, we can send you resealable barista bags or 50 units of 20g cans for your display shelves.

Our most popular cafe-latte teas are:

Haruto matcha and Houjicha powder are JAS-Certified Organic teas. Typically we'll send a kilo in four 250g bags so it stays fresh and is easier for you to work with in the fridge.

We recommend these sifter canisters to keep pre-sifted tea on the counter and ready to go, and we also have a variety of pouring chawan for whisking and serving matcha.

Specialty teas can be requested in wholesale quantities, however we do not always have an a kilogram on hand so there may be a lead time. Given the retail price / weight, a kilogram of these teas is usually very expensive.

We do not typically offer free samples. However, samples purchased will be reimbursed upon your first wholesale kilogram purchase of each tea.

Ordering teaware:

Teaware based in the USA is sold wholesale via a flat 20% discount on the retail price, eligible with a $1,000 minimum order (no minimum for wholesale tea customers). Most products in our shop are handmade and, depending on desired volume, may have limited short-term availability.

Many retailers often expect larger wholesale teaware discounts, which we cannot offer because of generally thin margins in the industry (handmade vs. mass machine-produced scale), and scarcity of supply (many products in Japan are 3+ months on backorder).

Shipping on tea and US-based teaware is free to US addresses and calculated by weight with USPS Priority Mail or UPS internationally.

Placing your order:

If you're excited and ready to place your order, please submit the contact form below with your information. We respond quickly to inquiries that request quotes for specific products, quantities, and timelines.

We're happy to help with any additional questions, and always open to discussing participation in event pop-ups and other fun projects.

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We're working with small tea farmers who are passionate about their craft, and working towards a goal⁠—whether it's to preserve and perfect age-old traditions, to experiment and push the boundaries of Japanese tea, or to create a more sustainable and biodynamic future for the industry.
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