Richer and stronger: Our Matchaccino Recipe

Looking for a stronger, richer version of a matcha latte? Inspired by the classic cappuccino, this matcha-ccino has a stronger matcha flavour and a foamier texture.

What’s the Difference?

It’s matcha and hot milk, so how different can it be from a latte? While strict definitions of each drink continue to be debated, generally speaking, a cappuccino, and by extension a matchaccino, has two main differences from your standard latte:

  • Smaller size - traditionally 5-6oz compared to a latte’s larger 8-12oz size
  • More foam - slightly more aeration makes the foam a little lighter and airy

Together these differences make for a richer, stronger drink that really highlights the matcha’s flavour.

Choosing Your Ingredients

With more focus on the matcha compared to a latte, it’s even more important to use a tea that has a pronounced, unique flavour and little to no bitterness. Our personal preferences are our Haruto and Komiya

As the milk texture is not quite as a dense as a latte’s silky microfoam, this recipe is a little more forgiving on your milk choice and foaming skills.

Check out our matcha latte guide for a more in-depth discussion of milk and matcha selection.

Making the Drink

Part 1: The matcha

Like all of our matcha milk drink recipes, we start out with our concentrated matcha base using 4g of matcha gently mixed into 40ml (~1.5oz) of 80°C water. This 4g/40ml ratio is easy to remember and yields a powerful matcha flavour in the same volume as a traditional double espresso, meaning you can substitute this matcha base into your favourite espresso drink recipes.

As always, be sure to sift the matcha into a dry, preheated bowl. A dry vessel and sifted tea help to ensure that there are no clumps in the finished drink. A warm bowl also keeps the tea from cooling too much by the time you assemble the finished drink. While preheating can seem like a chore, it makes sure your drink is at the right temperature and gives you an opportunity to pre-wet your bamboo whisk, softening it and prolonging its lifespan. 

If you want to pour latte art, we recommend making your matcha base as foam-free as possible, while still evenly mixing in all of the tea. While foamy matcha is great for usucha, the fluffy matcha foam is much lighter and airy-er than the dense microfoam of well-textured milk, which makes it hard to pour any fancy designs. 

While you could potentially make this base in the same cup or mug you’ll be drinking out of, evenly whisking in such a small space can be difficult, so we prefer to make the matcha base in a spouted bowl, and pour it into the cup. This also makes it easier to whisk a larger batch for serving multiple people.

For a more detailed look at how to make this base, check out our guide.


Part 2: The Milk

For a 5oz matchaccino, measure out 85ml (3oz) of your milk of choice. For a 6oz drink, use 120ml (4oz). 

Now it’s time to heat and texture (foam) the milk. To get that slightly thicker, pillowy foam, be sure to aerate the milk roughly 50% more than you would for a latte. The exact texture is up to you—you can aerate more for a more voluptuous dry froth, or less for a denser, creamier mousse.

For more detailed milk texturing instructions, read our latte guide.

Combine and Enjoy

When you have your heated and textured milk, pour it into the matcha base and enjoy.

If your milk is perfectly textured and you’re feeling daring, you can even pour some latte art. As the milk is foamier than for a latte, it’s harder to pour complex designs, so keep it simple.

Recipe Recap

  1. Sift 4g of matcha into a dry, preheated vessel. 
  2. Add 40ml (~1.5oz) of 80°C (176°F) water.
  3. Whisk slowly in a circular motion.
  4. Pour the matcha base into a preheated 5-6oz (150-180ml) cappuccino cup
  5. Steam/heat/foam 85ml (~3oz) of milk or milk alternative to 65°C (~150°F) [120ml (4oz) for a 6oz drink]
  6. Pour the milk into the matcha base (with latte art, if desired) and enjoy!


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