Our Story

The Tezumi Team

The World in a Drop of Tea


We're David, Michael, and Ryan—three tea enthusiasts who want to share our love of Japanese tea and teaware with the world. 

The Japanese word tezumi (手摘み), meaning 'hand-picked', is used to describe the select few teas that have been carefully picked by hand, rather than by machine, resulting in the highest grades of tea. We chose this name because we put the same care and patience in selecting our teas and teaware. 

While Michael and Ryan are traveling Asia in search of the best tea and teaware, David is practising the Ueda Sōko (上田宗箇) school of Japanese tea ceremony and studying to become a certified Nihoncha Instructor, an expert in the intricacies of Japanese teas.

Our Mission

The Japanese tea industry is entering a rough phase. As domestic sales of loose-leaf tea continue to decline and older farmers retire without someone to fill their shoes, the future of the industry is dependent on spreading the joy of Japanese tea and tea culture across the world.

To do this, we're working with small, artisanal Japanese tea producers who are passionate about their craft, and are working towards a goal—whether it's to preserve and perfect age-old traditions, to experiment and push the boundaries of Japanese tea, or to create a more sustainable and biodynamic future for the industry. We want to support their efforts by sharing their teas and stories with you.

We also believe that tea tastes best when made with care and attention using utensils designed with one purpose in mind: to make delicious tea. Using well-crafted teaware turns the menial task of making tea into an enjoyable and relaxing experience. That is why we aim to share high-quality Japanese teaware with the world, and in doing so, spread the joy of making a delicious cup of tea.

Along with tea and teaware, we strive to share our knowledge all things Japanese tea and tea culture, from the ins and outs of tea production, to the history of ceramics styles, and the philosophies of the Japanese tea ceremony.  

Delicious tea!

Our Values

Quality: While mass-produced teaware will undoubtedly make a serviceable cup of tea, the craftsmanship and skill imbued in high-quality teaware makes every step of the tea brewing process, from steeping to drinking, more enjoyable. From the choice of clay, to the subtle curve of a spout, each decision that goes into making a piece of quality teaware results in a more enjoyable experience and a better-tasting cup of tea.

Variety: The world of Japanese tea is vast, with seemingly infinite styles and variations. We strive to offer teas that truly represent this range and scope, showcasing the many cultivars, producing regions, and processing styles that can be found across Japan, including rare or experimental teas that are scarcely seen, even in Japan.

To match this variety in tea, we also aim to offer Japanese teaware for every tea, occasion, and taste—from the most traditional to the most modern and innovative.

Transparency: We do our best to give you all the information available regarding each tea or piece of teaware: from the elevation of a sencha to the kiln where a chawan was fired. We believe that knowing their stories enhances the experience of making, serving, and drinking tea.

We hope you'll brew up a cup (or bowl) of your favourite tea and join us in spreading the joy of Japanese tea!


P.S. You can read more about us in World Tea News, and feel free to contact us if our FAQ page can’t answer any of your questions