It's Tea Time

27 Unique Teas

Sourced from small, family-operated farms across Japan. They're all delicious.
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Discover your favorite

Eight teas to taste the scope and variety of Japan

Tea tastes better in nice teaware

Experience quality

It's Tea Time

We've hand-picked quality Japanese tea and teaware to share with the world, and spread the joy of making tea in lovely teapots and bowls.

With teas from small, artisanal Japanese tea producers, we're supporting both age-old traditions and experimentation that pushes the boundaries of Japanese tea.

Our unique selection of Japanese teaware has something for every tea, every occasion, and every taste - from the most simple and traditional to the most modern and innovative.

Join us in the art of brewing tea.

Colour your whisking experience
Introducing Suikaen's Five-Coloured Bamboo Whisk
The Specialist
Made by the highly-respected Gyokko Kiln, this shiboridashi is designed for high end tea

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