Asanagi Sencha

Asanagi Sencha

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Grown in the rolling hills of Wazuka, this Okumidori sencha captures the essence of Kyoto's famed terroir.

While Uji may be the most famous tea region in Kyoto, most Ujicha is actually grown in the neighbouring town of Wazuka, which produces almost 50% of Kyoto's tea. Dating back over 800 years, tea from Wazuka is known for its deep umami flavour.

Asanagi is grown unshaded, which is uncharacteristic for Uji tea, but allows for the deep, natural umami of Wazuka sencha to shine through.

Taste Profile
Production Region

Brewing Instructions

Tea/Water Ratio

3g per 100ml of water
(.11oz per 3.4oz)

Water Temperature

70º C (158ºF)

Brewing Time

60 seconds

Meet the Producer

Azuma Chaen (東茶園)

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