Tea Ceremony Guides

Called sadō or chanoyu in Japanese, the Japanese tea ceremony is a beautiful distillation of Japanese culture, aesthetics, craftsmanship, and philosophies
What is Chanoyu?
Tea Ceremony Utensils
Chawan Styles
How to make Matcha | Usucha
Advanced Koicha
Is Foam Important? Comparing Styles of Usucha
Intro to Koicha
Guide to Chasen
Natsume and Usuchaki
Obukucha Recipe: Tea for the New Year
How Matcha is Made: Cultivation and Harvest
What Makes a Bowl a Chawan?

Learn about Teaware

Taking Care of your Teaware
Types of Japanese Teapots
Where Japanese Teaware is Produced
What Makes a Bowl a Chawan?
The Many Shapes of the Matcha Bowl
Beyond Shudei: The Variety of Tokoname-yaki
Timeless Style: The Elegance of Hagi-yaki
Know Your Chawan: A Guide to the Famous Matcha Bowl Styles
The Best Temperature-controlled Gooseneck Kettles for Tea

Learn about Tea Ceremony

Introductory Guide to Tea Ceremony Utensils
A Guide to Chasen - The All-important Matcha Whisk
Natsume - A Guide to the Ceremonial Tea Caddy
What is Chanoyu? | An Introduction to the Japanese Tea Ceremony
Kintsugi - History and Introduction
An Introduction to Japanese Incense
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