Daily Matcha Tea Flight

Daily Matcha Tea Flight

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This tea flight contains our three daily matchas, suitable to be enjoyed straight as usucha, or as a base for drinks such as lattes and matchaccinos. While terms like ‘ceremonial grade’ are mere marketing myths, we wouldn’t hesitate to serve any of these three in a formal temae.

To help you learn what style of matcha you like, the three matchas included in this sample set each have a different taste profile:


Tezumi Classics - Kanoyama
Tezumi Classics - Umezuki



Brewing Instructions

Tea/Water Ratio

1.5-2g (2 tea scoops)
70ml (2.4oz) of water

Water Temperature

70º C (158ºF)


20 seconds

Prepare the Perfect Matcha

Tezumi Classics - Asanagi
Tezumi Classics
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Our Mission

We're working with small tea farmers who are passionate about their craft, and working towards a goal⁠—whether it's to preserve and perfect age-old traditions, to experiment and push the boundaries of Japanese tea, or to create a more sustainable and biodynamic future for the industry. 
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