Uji-no-Mori - Uji Matcha

Uji-no-Mori - Uji Matcha

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This carefully blended matcha from the steep hills of Wazuka makes for a smooth, verdant, and refreshing usucha with a lasting finish

The name Uji-no-Mori means "Grove of Uji" using an older kanji spelling for "Uji" (莵道の杜)

Uji city in Kyoto has long been at the centre of Japanese tea and has been famed for its high-quality matcha production for centuries, dating back to the 12th century. The shading method used to produce modern matcha (c. 16th century) along with sencha (1737) and gyokuro itself (1835) were all invented by Uji farmers looking to push the boundaries of tea quality. Though the name Ujicha remains associated with high-grade tea, most tea branded as Ujicha is produced in the neighbouring towns of Ujitawara, Minamiyamashiro, Kizugawa, and primarily Wazuka.

Cultivar: Blend: Base of Kyōken-283 and Yabukita, with others

Region: Wazuka / Uji, Kyoto

Producer: Rishouen

Harvested: May, 2023

Picking: Handheld Machine

Brewing Instructions

Tea/Water Ratio

1.5-2g (2 tea scoops)
60ml (2oz) of water

Water Temperature

70º C (158ºF)


20 seconds

Meet the Producer

Rishouen (利招園)

Cultivar: Blend: Base of Kyōken-283 and Yabukita, with others

While the exact recipe of the blend will change from batch to batch as the skilled tencha blenders adjust the ratios and ingredients to maintain a consistent flavour profile, these are the primary cultivars used in this tea:

Kyōken-283: A rare and as of yet unregistered cultivar developed from Uji zairai for shaded teas such as matcha and gyokuro. It has a strong character with deep umami, subtly fruity aromas, and little astringency, making it an ideal ingredient in a tencha blend.

Yabukita: This is the de facto standard tea cultivar across Japan against which all others are compared, and accounts for 75% of tea fields by area. Its name means ‘north of the bamboo grove’ alluding to its selection in 1908 from a sample of Shizuoka Zairai from the north side of a bamboo grove.

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