Japanese Matcha Bowl - 宝泉 Hosen Ninsei Cherry Blossom KIyomizu-yaki Chawan - 400ml

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This wan-nari KIyomizu-yaki chawan (matcha bowl) is accented with decorated in the Ninsei (仁清) style with white and gold sakura (cherry blossoms). Made by Hosen (宝泉).

Kiyomizu-yaki (清水焼) (also called Shimizu-yaki) is a type of Japanese pottery that traditionally comes from Gojōzaka district near Kiyomizu Temple, in Kyoto, Japan. A subset of Kyo-yaki which refers to all pottery made in the Kyoto area, Kiyomizu ware has been produced since the 16th century


12.4cm (4.9in) - width
7.6cm (3in) - height
400ml - capacity

Condition: Like new

Ships from Thailand


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