Japanese Teacups - Couple's Pair of Tsutsu-gata Hagi-yaki Meoto Yunomi

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This couple's pair of elegant tsutsu-gata Hagi-yaki yunomi (teacups) feature a finely crazed glaze and a gentle gradient from gray to a warm peach. Called 'meoto yumomi' in Japanese, couple's pairs of teacups are traditional wedding gifts.

Hagi-yaki (萩焼) is a type of Japanese pottery that comes from the town of Hagi in Yamaguchi Prefecture, Japan and dates back over 400 years. Some of the oldest Hagi-yaki pieces have been declared National Treasures of Japan. The natural warm hues of its clay, along with the simple lines of its forms are highly valued within the traditional aesthetics of many tea ceremony schools.

Hagi ware is said to improve with age as the tannins in the tea slowly stain the fine cracks in the glaze (called crazing or kan-nyuu), creating a rich texture known as "nanabake", or "the 7 transformations". Because of this slightly porous nature, some people like to dedicate their Hagi ware to one type of tea, such as sencha, to avoid having other aromas seep into the clay.


Larger teacup:
7.9cm (3.1in) - width
9cm (3.5in) - height
280ml - capacity

Smaller teacup:
6.7cm (2.6in) - width
8.5cm (3.3in) - height
180ml - capacity

Condition: Excellent

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