Honyama Koushun Kamairicha

Honyama Koushun Kamairicha

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Bright and creamy with a round body and luscious mouthfeel, this kamairicha is wonderfully aromatic and refreshing. Its powerful aroma is courtesy of the Koushun cultivar, and its savoury, somewhat nutty taste can be attributed to the pan-firing process.

Unlike the vast majority of Japanese green teas, kamairicha is not steamed to stop oxidation. Instead, the leaves are pan-fired in a method derived from Chinese green tea production. Kamairicha is much older than sencha, dating back over 500 years. Today, however, less than 0.5% of Japanese tea is kamairicha. Compared to sencha, it is less astringent and has a markedly different aroma, slightly nutty and roasty, but still very green. Despite its Chinese-style, kamairicha tastes quite different from most modern Chinese green teas, remaining distinctly Japanese in character.


Of Shizuoka's many tea-growing regions, tea from Honyama is praised for its transparent and elegant taste, deriving from the mineral rich soil and the subtle, natural shade of fog and mountains. Tea grown on the slopes that border the Abe and Warashina Rivers, which flow through Shizuoka, is said to be Honyama tea. Along with the neighbouring region of Kawane, Honyama tea is often grown at a higher elevation than most other Japanese teas. Tea from this region has been grown and revered for centuries, and has even been presented as tribute to the Emperor by order of Tokugawa Ieyasu in the Edo period. Typically unshaded and lightly-steamed, honyamacha is known for its clear, crisp taste, and distinctive aroma, known as yama no kaori (山の香) or mountain aroma.

Cultivar: Koushun

Region: Honyama, Shizuoka

Producer: Moriuchi Chanoen

Harvested: June 9, 2021

Elevation: 150m

Picking: Handheld Machine

Brewing Instructions

Tea/Water Ratio

2g per 50ml of water
(.07oz per 1.7oz)

Water Temperature

80º C (176ºF)

Brewing Time

60 seconds

Meet the Producer

Moriuchi Chanoen (森内茶農園)

Cultivar: Koushun

Derived from a 1970 cross between Kurasawa and Kanayamidori, Koushun has grown popular among drinkers of single cultivar teas since its registration in 2000.

It is famous for its unique and powerful floral aroma which is remarkably strong and distinct from that of Yabukita. This aroma makes it ideal not only for light-steamed sencha, but also for production as oxidised teas, such as oolongs and black teas.

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