Japanese Chataku - 七々子塗 Nanako-nuri Urushi Lacquer Tea Saucers

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This set of five elegant chataku (tea saucers) is made from wood coated with traditional urushi lacquer, and is decorated with the traditional Japanese pattern 'nanako-nuri' (七々子塗/fish egg coating).

This pattern is made using 'togidashi kawarinuri', a method in which rapeseeds (canola seeds) are scattered across the surface to make small circles while the lacquer is still wet. When the lacquer is dry, the seeds are removed and the lacquer is then polished thoroughly to bring out the elegant circular shape.

This process can be seen in action here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HxWFF_n0ikQ.

The pattern gets its name from the resemblance of the circular shapes to 'nanako', or fish eggs.

Chataku are the perfect way to elevate your tea serving experience. Unlike western saucers which are often made of porcelain and decorated to match a tea set, Japanese tea saucers are made from wood, lacquered wood, or metal, and generally do not match any particular set.


12.5cm (4.9in) - width
2.1cm (0.8in) - height

Condition: Like new

Ships from Thailand

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