Japanese Houhin - 柴岡陶泉堂 Shibaoka Tosendou Hidasuki Bizen-yaki Do-ake Teapot - 120ml

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This wood-fired Bizen-yaki houhin (handleless-teapot) features subtle decorations made with the hidasuki (緋襷) technique. This traditional decoration, common in Bizen ware, is created when the potter wraps rice straw around a piece before placing it into the kiln, where the alkalines in the straw react with iron in the clay body to produce these striking burn marks.

Like most houhin, it has a wide, triangular open spout which allows for fast pouring, a simple ceramic do-ake filter which lends no metallic taste to the tea, and a wide opening which allows for easy viewing of the tea leaves and easy cleaning.

Stamped 香山, this piece was made by Shibaoka Tosendou (柴岡陶泉堂), third-generation potter of Shibaoka Kouzan (柴岡香山), founded in 1912. In 2008, Shibaoka-san was ceritified as a traditional craftsman of BIzen-yaki. Today, he is known for his practical, but elegant wares.

Bizen-yaki (備前焼) is a type of Japanese pottery that traditionally comes from Bizen province, now part of Okayama prefecture, Japan. The site of one of Japan’s Six Ancient Kilns, pottery has been made in Bizen since at least the 14th century.

Fired at high temperature for a long time (as long as 14 days) in wood-burning kilns, Bizen ware is known for its earthen colours and lack of traditional glaze. Because of the clay’s high rate of shrinkage, it is unsuitable for glazing. Instead, the designs found on Bizen ware come from kiln effects and include traces of molten ash resembling glaze and markings resulting from wood-burning kiln firing.


10.2cm (4in) - width
6cm (2.4in) - height
120ml - capacity

Condition: Very good

This vintage item ships from Thailand

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