Japanese Kyusu - 友仙 Yusen - Nerikomi Tokoname-yaki Do-ake Teapot - 200ml

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This Tokoname-yaki kyusu (teapot) is made with a striking green, red, yellow, and white marbled clay. The marbled effect is produced through the nerikomi (練り込み) technique, which involves kneading different coloured clays together. The pot features a simple ceramic do-ake filter which adds no metallic tastes to the tea.

Made by the son of famed Tokoname craftsman Konishi Yohei (小西洋平), Konishi Kenji (小西研二), stamped using the name Yusen (友仙) also used by his father.

Tokoname-yaki (常滑焼) is a type of Japanese pottery that traditionally comes from Tokoname in Aichi Prefecture, Japan. The site of one of Japan’s Six Ancient Kilns, pottery has been made in Tokoname since the 12th century.

Today, Tokoname ware is known for its iconic brick-red clay called shudei. Famously used in teaware and bonsai pots, this clay’s vibrant colour comes from its rich iron content. Tea steeped in unglazed Tokoname teapots is said to have a mellower taste.


13.6cm (5.4in) - width (including handle)
7.2cm (2.8in) - height
200ml - capacity

Condition: Excellent

This vintage Japanese item ships from Thailand

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