Japanese Matcha Bowl - Asami Yoshizou 吉峯窯 Wan-nari Kyo-yaki Chawan - 350ml

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This wan-nari Kyo-yaki chawan (matcha bowl) features a grey glaze with floral mishima (三島手, slip inlay) designs and a hakeme (刷毛目, brush stroke) design on the inside of the bowl. Made by Asami Yoshizou (浅見 与し三) at the Yoshimine Kiln (吉峯窯).

Kyo-yaki (京焼) is a type of Japanese pottery that traditionally comes from Kyoto, Japan. The pottery traditions of Kyoto date back to the 5th century and are varied in their styles.


12.2cm (4.8in) - width
7.5cm (3in) - height
350ml - capacity

Condition: Very good

Ships from Thailand


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