Japanese Matcha Bowl - Small Orange Komogai-nari/Hatazori-gata Chawan with white Shino Glaze

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This small vintage handmade chawan (matcha bowl) is made in the Komogai-nari/Hatazori-gata shape, decorated with a beautiful white glaze with blue calligraphy. Its gentle unevenness embodies the spirit of wabi-sabi. Hatazori-gata (端反り型) means 'curving lip shape', referring the gentle outward curving lip of the bowl, which makes drinking out of it very easy. Another name for this shape is Komogai-nari, meaning "Komogai - shaped": a reference to the curving lip bowls that were imported from the port city of Komogai in Korea. This bowl also features four 'nodes' around its lip.

12cm (4.7in) - diameter
4.5cm (1.8in) - height
200ml - usable capacity

Condition: like new

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