Japanese Teacup - 鎌田幸二 Kamada Koji - Sapphire Blue Yuteki Tenmoku Glazed Kyo-yaki Senchawan - 60ml

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This stunning Kyo-yaki senchawan (small teacup, ideal for sencha) is glazed in an entrancing sapphire blue yuteki tenmoku glaze.

The term 'tenmoku' can refer to two things: the shape of a bowl, i.e. conical with a finger groove and flare at the lip; and a dark high-iron glaze that can produce various beautiful effects under the right firing conditions. Both of these originated in Jian ware from Fujian during the Song dynasty (960-1279) in China, where the dark colour of the glaze was praised for the way it contrasts nicely with the froth of whisked tea.

While most Tenmoku glazes are a simple black, occasionally the glaze recipe and the conditions in the kiln are just right, causing the ash in the glaze to separate from the iron in a way that produces beautiful metallic effects, such as the one seen on this cup, called 'yuteki', meaning 'oil-spot'.

This cup was made by Kamada Koji (鎌田幸二) one of Japan's most well-known and highly respected tenmoku artists, who has spent the majority of his over 60 year long ceramic career refining, perfecting, and even improving upon these incredibly difficult glazes. Today some of Kamada-san's works are part of the permanent collections of the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Philadelphia Museum of Art

Kyo-yaki (京焼) is a type of Japanese pottery that traditionally comes from Kyoto, Japan. The pottery traditions of Kyoto date back to the 5th century and are varied in their styles.


7.5cm (3in) - width
4.7cm (1.9in) - height
60ml - capacity

Condition: Very good (chip on the rim, please see photos)

This vintage item ships from Thailand

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