Japanese Teacup - Yuteki Tenmoku Glazed Yunomi - 200ml

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This large yunomi (teacup) features a black yuteki tenmoku glaze with rust coloured 'oil spots'. Originating in Jian ware from Song dynasty China, this style of high-iron glazing was originally praised for its dark colour which contrasts nicely with the froth of whisked tea.

In Japan, these glazes and the bowl they were used on became known as Tenmoku, named after a mountain in China. While most Tenmoku glazes are a simple black, occasionally the conditions in the kiln are just right, producing beautiful effects, such as the one seen on this cup, which is called Yuteki, or 'oil spot'.


6.9cm (2.7in) - width
8.6cm (3.4in) - height
200ml - capacity

Condition: Very good

Ships from Thailand

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