Japanese Teacups - Pair of 九谷焼 Floral Aochibu Kutani-yaki Porcelain Lidded Meoto Yunomi

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This pair of Kutani-yaki lidded yunomi (teacups) feature an aochibu blue dot and golden flower pattern.

The cup's lid helps keep dust out and heat in. Called 'meoto yumomi' in Japanese, couple's pairs of teacups are traditional gifts.

Kutani-yaki (九谷焼) is a style of Japanese porcelain traditionally from Kutani, now a part of Kaga, Ishikawa, in the former Kaga Province, Japan. Porcelain wares made here became popular in the 17th century and after production in Kutani was revived in the 19th century, it is known for its intricate designs, called aka-e kinran-de (赤絵 金襴手) Kutani


Larger teacup:
6.8cm (2.7in) - width
10.5cm (4.1in) - height
170ml - capacity

Smaller teacup:
6.6cm (2.6in) - width
9.7cm (3.8in) - height
140ml - capacity
Condition: Excellent

This vintage item ships from Thailand

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