Rishouen Matcha Bundle

Rishouen Matcha Bundle

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  • 3 cans, 30 grams each
  • Multi-Origin | Multi-Cultivar Blends
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In this matcha set you'll find our three traditional matcha blends from Rishouen (利招園) in Uji, each with a unique flavour. These teas are blended for use in a ceremonial setting and represent the classic Uji style and flavour profiles. 

In order of quality, this set includes:

  • Uji-no-Mori: a bright and verdant blend of predominantly Kyōken-283 and Yabukita cultivars. This is a classic Uji usucha flavour profile, but can also be enjoyed as koicha
  • Shōyō: a deep-flavoured tea with a velvety texture blended from hand-picked Samidori, Uji-Hikari, and Asahi tenchas. While designed to be enjoyed as koicha, this tea's depth and flavour can be explored both as koicha and usucha.
  • Uta-no-Mori: an incredibly luscious and powerful tea blended from hand-picked Narino, Samidori, Uji-Hikari and Asahi tencha from award-winning farmers. This is our highest grade Uji matcha, blended specifically to be served as koicha. However, even as usucha, it's intense power can still be felt.

Rishouen (利招園)

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