Yame Benihikari Wakoucha

Yame Benihikari Wakoucha

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Sweet and elegant, with a subtle herbaceous astringency and invigorating aroma, this tea makes good use of Benihikari’s Assam heritage while retaining a distinctly Japanese flavour. 

Cultivar: Benihikari

Region: Yame, Fukuoka

Producer: Kumaen

Harvested: May 12, 2021

Elevation: 280m

Picking: Handheld Machine

Brewing Instructions

Tea/Water Ratio

2g per 100ml of water
(.07oz per 3.4oz)

Water Temperature

90º C (194ºF)

Brewing Time

90 seconds

Meet the Producer

Yamecha Kumaen (八女茶くま園)

Cultivar: Benihikari

Like all cultivars that begin with ‘beni-’ (紅 - red), Benihikari was developed explicitly for the production of Japanese black tea or wakoucha. It was selected in 1952 from a cross between Benikaori (a pure Assamica cultivar) and Makura Cn1 (a Chinese tea cultivar). This mix of Assamica and Sinensis produces a unique aroma, and a well balanced taste with just a touch of astringency.

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