Japanese Tea Set - Arita-yaki Porcelain Debeso Houhin Teapot with 2 Asagao-gata Senchawan Teacups

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This Arita-yaki porcelain tea set is perfect for senchado (煎茶道, ceremony for sencha, gyokuro, etc.) and consists of a wide houhin (handleless teapot) and two matching asagao-gata senchawan (small teacups used for sencha), each decorated with ornate blue designs.

The houhin comes with a ceramic debeso (half-spherical) filter which will impart no metallic tastes to the tea.

Arita-yaki (有田焼) is a type of Japanese pottery that traditionally comes from the are around the town of Arita on the island of Kyushu, Japan. Since the discovery of the raw materials for porcelain near Arita in the 16th century, Arita has been one of the major centers of Japanese porcelain production.


13.2cm (5.2in) - width
6.7cm (2.6in) - height
160ml - capacity

7.4cm (2.9in) - width
5.6cm (2.2in) - height
90ml - capacity

Condition: Very good

This vintage item ships from Thailand

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