Japanese Teacup - 橘吉 Tachikichi - Grey Snowflake Glazed Yunomi - 140ml

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This grey tulip-shaped yunomi (teacup) os glazed in a stunning crazed grey-blue snowflake celadon.

Unlike other crazed celadon glazes which only have one layer of cracks, snowflake celadon glazes (called 'hyōretsukan'nyū' (氷裂貫入) or 'ice-crack' in Japanese), require a thick application of the glaze, allowing the cracks to form layers, resulting in this striking effect. This style is also called 九重青磁 (kujoseiji) in Japanese, meaning 'ninefold celadon'. Made by Tachikichi (橘吉).


9.1cm (3.6in) - width
5.8cm (2.3in) - height
140ml - capacity

Condition: Excellent

This vintage Japanese item ships from Thailand

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