Japanese Matcha Bowl - 緑栄窯 Ryokuei Kiln - Speckled Gohonte Hakeme Hagi-yaki Chawan - 250ml

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This striking hantsutsu-gata Hagi-yaki chawan (matcha bowl) balances its imposing cylindrical form atop an elegantly small foot. From the base rise spiraling 'rokurome' (ろくろ目 - finger marks from throwing on the pottery wheel) up to the slightly flared lip.

The inside of the bowl has a cha-damari (indentation where leftover tea pools) formed from concentric circles. This concentric circle motif is mirrored on the underside of the chawan where the series of finely tooled circles culminates in the shallow koudai (高台 - foot ring). The piece is made from a course red clay glazed in a speckled blue-green-grey. The front of the bowl is marked by a dynamic brush stroke of a translucent white, accented by spots of beige and orange, reminiscent of a gohon chawan. Made at the Ryokuei Kiln (緑栄窯).

Hagi-yaki (萩焼) is a type of Japanese pottery that comes from the town of Hagi in Yamaguchi Prefecture, Japan and dates back over 400 years. Some of the oldest Hagi-yaki pieces have been declared National Treasures of Japan. The natural warm hues of its clay, along with the simple lines of its forms are highly valued within the traditional aesthetics of many tea ceremony schools.

Hagi ware is said to improve with age as the tannins in the tea slowly stain the fine cracks in the glaze (called crazing or kan-nyuu), creating a rich texture known as 'nanabake', or 'the 7 transformations'. Because of this slightly porous nature, some people like to dedicate their Hagi ware to one type of tea, such as sencha, to avoid having other aromas seep into the clay.


10cm (3.9in) - width
7.3cm (2.9in) - height
250ml - capacity

Condition: Like new

This vintage Japanese item ships from Thailand

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