Holiday Gift Guide

Tezumi Holiday Gifts
Whether you need a gift for a tea addict or want to convert your family and friends, we have you covered for all things Japanese tea. To make shopping for tea gifts simple and easy, we’ve crafted this guide to help you choose the right gift.

Personally, we recommend gifting teaware to all your friends so that when you visit, you’ll always have something to use! :D

For Matcha Makers:

If you or someone you someone you know is afflicted with matcha madness and cannot get enough of this delicious green powder, we have the perfect gifts for you.

Under $30

Daily Matcha Flight
Daily Matcha Flight
- $28

This tea flight contains 10g bags of our three daily matchas, suitable to be enjoyed straight as usucha, or as a base for drinks such as lattes and matchaccinos. Each has a unique taste profile, so they can learn what types of matcha they like.


Matcha Sifter
Matcha Sifter
- $5

A dedicated matcha sifter which ensures a creamy smooth texture. Simple, yet indispensable.


Susudake Suikaen Chashaku
Susudake Chashaku - $26

Hand carved from aged, smoke-stained bamboo from the hearths old Japanese houses, each susudake matcha scoop has a unique colour and appearance, lending an air of elegance and wabi to any matcha set up

Japanese Chakin - White Hemp Hoda-style Tea Cloth
Chakin - $10

Never underestimate the utility of a dedicated tea cloth. Designed to dry a wipe a pre-heated tea bowl, a chakin is a thoughtful gift for both tea ceremony practitioners and casual matcha drinkers alike

Under $50

Classic Matcha Bundle
Classic Bundle - $38

Two cans of our two classic Kyoto matchas, each with a unique flavour profile, packaged neatly in an elegant box


Suikaen Kurotake Dark Bamboo Matcha Whisk
Suikaen Shin Chasen - $48

Available in white or dark bamboo, this handmade Japanese matcha whisk is a sure upgrade from mass-produced tea whisks. Made by a 25th generation artisan and his family, these whisks are not only more beautiful than their factory-made counterparts, but also easier and more enjoyable to use and more durable in the long run.

Kotodo Matcha Sifter CanisterKotodo Sifter Canister - $36

This 2-in-1 sifter can is great for tea ceremony practitioners and casual matcha enthusiasts alike. For regular matcha drinkers, pre-sifting the entire bag of tea streamlines the matcha making process as the tea is ready to be scooped directly into the chawan, or transferred to a chaire or natsume for ceremonial use.

Under $100

Holiday Gift Sets
Holiday Matcha Gift Sets - $64-108

Our curated holiday matcha gift sets each include three 20g cans of our favourite matchas and are available in 4 themes:

Each set comes in a wooden box, recalling the special boxes used to present Japanese ceramics, which is then wrapped in washi paper for a classy and festive presentation

Matcha Starter Set
Matcha Starter Set - $78

Know someone who wants to get into matcha but doesn’t know where to start? (or maybe you want to convert your family and friends to the power of the dark green side?) This 5 pieces matcha starter set includes all the essentials needed to begin whisking matcha at home — from the tea to teaware and utensils

For Loose Leaf Tea Aficionados:

Under $30

Loose Leaf Sample Set
Loose Leaf Sample Set - $28

A collection of  our six classic loose leaf teas sourced from small, family-operated farms across Japan, each carefully selected to represent the scope and variety of Japanese tea, showcasing classic growing regions and styles.

Kotodo Tea Canisters
Kotodo Tea Canisters - $18+

What better way to store tea than in a handmade, washi-wrapped chazutsu. Made in Japan, by Kotodo, these airtight tea storage canisters come in a variety of sizes and designs — from simple and elegant, to playful and kawaii.

Under $50

Vintage Teacups

Vintage Teacups

For those seeking unique, hard-to-find gifts, look no further than handmade vintage teaware. These pieces offer the beauty, elegance, and functionality of handmade teaware, as well as unique styles that are no longer available, all at a price point which won’t break the bank. On top of this, breathing new life into vintage teaware embodies the resourceful and sustainable Japanese spirit of mottainai. 


We have hundreds of vintage teacups that ship globally from Thailand.

Under $100

Loose Leaf Holiday Gift Set
Holiday Gift Sets - $44-64

Our curated holiday loose-leaf gift sets each  are available in 2 themes:

  • Sencha Lovers: 8 unique and delicious senchas from across Japan
  • Exploratory: 5 teas that showcase the wide variety of Japanese teas 

Each set comes in a wooden box, recalling the special boxes used to present Japanese ceramics, which is then wrapped in washi paper for a classy and festive presentation

Loose Leaf Tea Starter Set
Kyusu Starter Set - $84

Know someone who is ready to explore the world of loose-leaf Japanese tea? Our Kyusu Starter Set comes with a Tokoname-yaki kyusu (in either red, blue, or beige) and two porcelain cups along with three classic Japanese teas.

Our favourites from Amazon:

Sometimes Uncle Jeff is the best way to get gifts in a pinch. 

We have a detailed guide to help you select a Temperature-controlled Gooseneck Kettle, and more everyday tea accessories below:


Mitsubishi CLEANSUI Filtration Water Pitcher
CLEANSUI Water Filtration Pitcher
- $50

Second only to high-quality tea, the use of quality water is a critical component in preparing a delicious cup of Japanese green tea. A culinary water system like the Mitsubishi CLEANSUI helps to filter water up to 0.2 microns, which softens faucet tap water. This yields both a safer and tastier way to balance your brews.


Hario Filter-In Cold Brew Tea Bottle Cold Brew Tea Maker 750mL, Olive Green
Hario Filter-In Cold Brew Bottle
- $24

This bottle is perfect for overnight cold brews of your favourite tea, and its filter is quite effective for straining even the most deeply-steamed fukamushi senchas.


SHOYEIDO Plum Blossoms Incense
SHOYEIDO Plum Blossoms Incense
- $12

The aroma of ume blossoms can magnetize your senses and fill your home with a pleasant and calming aroma. We love burning incense while enjoying our tea.


Weightman Travel Scale
Weightman Travel Scale with Timer
- $16

This is the tea scale we use on our home countertop and travel with. It's compact, simple to use, and always reliable. Not much more we could ask for.


Zojirushi Thermos
Zojirushi Thermos - $28

Available in a variety of colours and sizes, this stainless steel vacuum insulated travel mug is perfect for bringing hot water to your tea parties, or carrying your tea around with you all day. Plus the little elephant on the bottle is so cute. 

Happy Holidays!

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