Japanese Matcha Bowl - Tenmoku Glazed Mino-yaki Chawan - 500ml

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This Mino-yaki wan-nari chawan (matcha bowl) features a stunning, deep prussian blue yuteki (oil spot) tenmoku glaze.

Originating in Jian ware from Song dynasty China, this style of high-iron glazing was originally praised for its dark colour which contrasts nicely with the froth of whisked tea. In Japan, these bowls became known as Tenmoku, named after a mountain in China. While most Tenmoku glazes are a simple black, occasionally the conditions in the kiln are just right, producing beautiful effects, such as the one seen on this cup, which is called Yuteki, or 'oil spot'.

Mino-yaki (美濃焼,) is a type of Japanese pottery produced in Mino Province in Gifu Prefecture, Japan. Since the introduction of mass production in the Meiji period (1868–1912), Mino ware accounts for around 50% of Japanese pottery produced today.


12.6cm (5in) - width
8.1cm (3.2in) - height
500ml - capacity

Condition: Excellent

Ships from Thailand


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