Japanese Tea Set - 臥牛 Yokoishi Gagyu Musashino Kyusu with 5 Yunomi

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This Utsutsugawa-yaki sencha tea set includes a kyusu (teapot) and five yunomi (teacups) hand painted with pampas grass. Made by the 13th generation traditional craftsman Yokoishi Gagyu, this set features his family's iconic hakeme (brush stroke) technique to produce a marbles effect of long grass swaying in the breeze (musashino) over red clay.

Made in Sasebo, Japan.

Yokoishi Gagyu is known in Japan as a Living Cultural Treasure. He is the 13th generation owner of the Gagyu kiln, which is around 400 years old.


13.5cm (5.3in) - width
8.5cm (3.3in) - height
225ml - capacity

5.5cm (2.2in) - width
4cm (1.6in) - height
35ml - capacity

Condition: Excellent

Ships from Thailand

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